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Some Lovely Shabby Chic Baby Ideas

Some Lovely Shabby Chic Baby Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

With the pale colours and flouncy materials the shabby chic style is wonderful when thinking all things baby, it is a great theme for decorating your baby`s room.  The cream distressed furniture and rococo style gives a calming, relaxing feeling in a room.  You can play around with this theme.  Take a look at the room below which has the feature wall with a glorious shabby style tree which really makes a statement.



The turquoise wall matches well with the baby pink of the bedding and the fabulous birds which are flying around the tree.  Also the rococo style mirror and the customised name tags look great surrounding the cream cot.

Make Your Own Shabby Chic Baby Name Tags

This idea is lovely and doesn`t take a lot of fussing to make.  All you need is the frames, some buttons which could be cream or you could jazz it up a bit with pinks, turquoise or greens in fitting with your shabby theme.  And lastly you will need a suitable adhesive to stick the buttons inside your frame.

Once you have finished your name tags they will fit perfectly in your shabby chic baby room.

Design Your Own Shabby Chic Baby Mobile

This mobile uses a mix of textures and materials to create a soft flowing style.  The leaves which hang down are made with cardboard and covered in shabby paper which you can find at  There are beads, feathers and colourful string, all of which are easy to get hold of in any arts and crafts store.  I`m sure your baby would love lying back and seeing this gently moving above their heads.

A Lovely Appliqued Shabby Chic Baby Quilt

All nurseries aren't complete without a warm quilt for your baby's cot to keep them feeling cosy at night.  If your room is pretty neutral this is where you can bring in a hint of colour. The pastel pinks in this quilt are beautiful and girly and the appliquéd hearts make the quilt lovely and stylish for a shabby chic baby room.

Shabby Chic Baby Accessories

As well as the many shabby chic baby designs for your child`s nursery there are also lots of different shabby chic accessories for your baby.  The sweet little baby pants above are made of pallid yellow lace which matches the headband which also has cream and beige flowers.  These would be gorgeous accessories for any shabby chic outfit.

A Shabby Chic Baby Shower

This shabby chic baby shower decked out in pastel shades would be a happy sight to any new mums.  There is a variety of different stands which mainly hold cakes all iced in pastel pinks, yellows and greens.  The colourful bunting saying the baby`s name has been made from some shabby paper which you can find at  The back curtain drop is made from strips of material which has been tied at the top and left to hang.  Overall I think you`ll agree it is a brilliant baby shower theme.

Hopefully now you have lots of ideas to bring your shabby chic baby theme to life so enjoy!

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