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Give Any Room the Wow Factor with Background Shabby Chic

Give Any Room the Wow Factor with Background Shabby Chic

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Shabby chic is used in interior design for a style of furniture which shows signs of wear or tear or new items which are distressed or made to be weathered to show the appearance of an antique.  The colours used for a shabby chic background are usually pastels such as blues, pinks, greens and cream shades.  Here are some examples of a shabby chic designed room.


This room is accented with a gorgeous duck egg blue colour; the shabby chic background is mostly due to the feature wall which really makes a statement.  You can find papers like this if you go to where there is a whole host of shabby papers to choose from.  The bedside cabinet has a distressed appearance in keeping with the theme and there is a rococo styled bed.  The throw and pillows in a similar colour to the wallpaper brings the look together.

This room is not dissimilar to the room above although it has a more vibrant look.  The background shabby chic effect of the wall has this time been painted along with stencil patterns which softens the colour slightly. The bedcovers match in with the walls with the added throws which break up the colours slightly.  I love how the little vase of magenta flowers compliments the room sitting on the distressed green table.

Background Shabby Chic For Your Flooring

If you want to redecorate your home on a budget here is a great way to save on the cost of carpeting or other chosen flooring with a fabulous effect shabby floor.  It is very simple to do just go to to find a design of shabby paper.  There are loads of gorgeous floral effects just like the one shown here

You can use your shabby paper to achieve an effect just like this one.  Once you have chosen your paper use a suitable adhesive to glue the shabby paper to each floorboard.  This will take time and effort but will be well worth it.  When you have finished covering each floorboard paint over with clear varnish as a protection barrier.  I think you`ll agree a bargain which adds a lovely shabby chic feel to the room.

Background Shabby Chic Accessories

These wonderful bottle vases have been made from burlap and lace paper which you can find at  They are so simple to make yet look great when filled with colourful flowers.  I`m sure we all have some old bottles which we usually just throw in the recycle bin.  Well now you don`t have to simply vamp up your bottles with burlap, lace or a wide variety of shabby papers.  You can do the same with finished tins which make great little trinket holders.

Decoupage Some Furniture for a Background Shabby Chic Feel

One of the easiest things to do with a lovely unique shabby style in arts and crafts is to decoupage furniture.  Using your shabby paper which you can find at simply cover the piece of furniture you choose in the design of your choice.  There are loads of styles of furniture from an old cabinet you want to spruce up, or it could be something simple like a light switch.  Glue the paper to the furniture using a suitable adhesive and then varnish with clear varnish for a long lasting effect.  I love the design of this staircase, the colours are fantastic with each stair comes a new design.  With a little time and effort you could have a staircase just like this one.

Some Background Shabby Chic Accessories

Who doesn`t love a little bunting, well I definitely do and this paper cup garland is one step better.  You can make your own with some paper cups, shabby paper which you will find at, string and a couple of hanging hooks. Just cover your cups in shabby paper, thread with string and hang wherever you want with your hanging hooks.  It`s that easy for this lovely shabby chic accessory.

I hope this has given you lots of ideas on how to create a shabby chic look, so why not get started there is no time like the present, have fun!

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