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Shabby Chic Wood

Shabby Chic Wood

Posted by Olivia Sum on

What is Shabby Chic


Shabby Chic is a term for a specific interior design that was first used in the early eighties. It is where furniture and furnishings which are showing signs of wear and tear are combined with newer pieces which have been distressed by painting then rubbing or sanding to show the bare wood and achieve an antique appearance.

This exaggerated look evokes a soft, opulent feel which makes it different from a genuine period style; pieces which appear old and worn are given a beautiful cottage style feel. There are a wide range of materials that can be utilised to attain this effect but shabby chic wood paper works really well. It conveys the appearance of a grand country house and looks beautiful against quaint pastel chintz fabrics.

Uses for Shabby Chic Wood Paper

The shabby chic style is created by using predominantly pastel shades combined with soft creams and ivory tones. Shabby chic wood paper is produced in a considerable selection of colours and designs to create numerous impressions depending on which pattern type you choose. You may opt for a distressed tree bark paper in a pale purple or maybe a beach hut style wood paper in soft sky blue.

Maybe you want a wood effect combined with gorgeous rose coloured flowers; there are many blends of colours and designs that work wonderfully together.  To help you select the perfect shabby chic wood paper and create the beautiful design you are hoping to achieve why not visit our website at where you will discover a wide assortment of this versatile paper.

Light silver grey wood paper looks fabulous against white distressed furniture, it can be used to back a bookcase or create some lovely pictures to hang on the walls, simply paint some old frames white and then give them a quick sand down then line the frames with the shabby chic wood paper in assorted pastel shades in different designs.

A great thing to do to which looks really impressive is Decoupage which is the fabulous art of decorating with paper and was first used by the Victorians to decorate objects of all kinds. This is really easy to do, you just need to paste the paper, fix it on to the object that you want to decorate and then simply glaze it.

Remember to create this look it is not only small objects that you can decorate – run of the mill pieces of furniture can be converted into fabulous statement pieces, could transform an ordinary looking teak display cabinet by sanding and then applying a couple of coats of white paint, when completely dry rub down to create the shabby chic wood effect and then decorate with your lovely pastel paper.

You can do the same to radiator covers or old kitchen chairs. A fantastic way of adding to your gorgeous theme is by using some of your paper to trim some glassware; by grouping different sized glasses and jars together you will achieve the strongest impact. Remember that there is an extensive range in our beautiful shabby chic wood paper design in many colours and patterns to help you create your ideal room, just visit our website at


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