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Design ideas with wood scrapbook paper

Design ideas with wood scrapbook paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

How creative can your mind be? If you love to be innovative and drawing, give your ideas shape with a wood scrapbook paper. It is fun and creative. Let us run through some quick design ideas with wood scrapbook paper.


  1. Going camping: You must have had your share of photos from the last camping adventure trip. Use wood scrapbook paper to blend the photograph and use it to decorate your living room. Keep them along with your trophies and certificates.

Rekindle the spirit of the bonfire in the photograph by pasting it on a texture of wood scrapbook paper and let it be a nice prop to decorate your living room. You can also use dried leaves and paste them along with the photo.

  1. Inspired by a quote: You were reading a book that blows your mind, and you suddenly come across a quote that inspires you like never before. You would want to give it some respect and hang it on a wall. Use a rugged typeface that has some depth and write the same quote in white and print it.

Then add a dark background (preferably black or dark brown) and add some wood scrapbook paper in parts to complete the texture. What you have will be a great design.

  1. Travelling for fun: You have some bright coloured photos with the holiday fashion you adhere to. Use the wood scrapbook paper for lettering and pen down some memoirs from the trip. Put them in your travel diary.
  2. Creating a family photo album: Border the family photographs with wood scrapbook paper and see for yourself the difference. The borders shall give a vintage feel to the photos.
  3. Baby’s day out: It’s your baby’s day out, and you have some cute photos of you. Make embellishments out of wood scrapbook paper like mini hearts or key chains or butterflies or buttons and paste them on a light coloured texture.

The different lives of wood scrapbook paper

There is a huge collection of different wood scrapbook paper. Barn, plank designed, ornate designed, farmhouse, rugged are all different variations of the same wood scrapbook paper. Every different type has its own essence. Barn goes well with family photographs and quotes. 

Plank design suits tinted old photos. Wood scrapbook paper’s neutral touch makes it either adds depth to a photo or makes it perfectly blend with a photo. In one case it helps in shifting the attention of the viewer to the photo from the panel. In the other case, it helps in fixing invisible borders. Nevertheless, wood scrapbook paper will never lose the vintage appeal it allows in contemporary times.

Why should you choose wood scrapbook paper?

Get one for the simple reason that it suits design requirements most of the times, wood scrapbook paper is highly recommended. The idea of distressing that produces the antique quality is already an inherent quality of wood scrapbook paper.

Even with a trendy design or colourful palette, wood scrapbook paper doesn’t disappoint. It's highly important to differentiate the different types of wood scrapbook paper available and be sure of our design requirements.

Being aware of the design requirement will differentiate a great design from an okay design. It has become a trend to use the wooden texture, and the trend shall only continue from here.

Have creative challenges and find out newer ideas of using wood scrapbook paper. Wood scrapbook paper is here to stay. If you are planning to design something new, you now know a must have in your list of supplies which you can get from the website.

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