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What to do with your Confetti Digital Paper

What to do with your Confetti Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital paper is also known as interactive paper, it`s patterned paper used along with a digital pen to create digital documents.  Confetti digital paper has a confetti pattern on it.  Confetti designs are very vibrant which is why this type of paper is great to use in arts and crafts.  Here are a few simple ideas on how to use your confetti digital paper which you can find at


How to Make Paper Ephemera Feathers With Confetti Digital Paper

You will need

  • Confetti digital paper 
  • Floral wire
  • Adhesive

Firstly make a sandwich with two pieces of your confetti digital paper.  Next line one of the sheets of paper with dry adhesive up the middle.  Then take your piece of floral wire and glue the paper and floral wire together.  After this cut into a feather shape and create the feather effect by making cuts along your paper stopping before you hit the wire in the middle.  Do this up either side of your feather. 

Lastly take a piece of paper and glue at the end of your feather thus hiding the wire.  Make as many as you want of these decorative feathers as they look great in any room.  Don`t forget to go to to choose from a wide variety of confetti digital paper designs.

How to Make Bunting using Confetti Digital Paper

Bunting is a creative way to liven up any room, I think confetti bunting would look great to match along with your child`s colourfully themed bedroom.  Just follow these simple steps and away you go.

You will need

  • Confetti Digital Paper
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Cardboard
  • Hanging hooks

Simply cut your cardboard into triangles any size you wish however all matching.  Next cover and glue your confetti digital paper to the triangles creating a flamboyant colourful design.  When the glue is dry prick holes in the corner of each triangle and thread the string through each hole.  Now you have your bunting use the hanging hooks to attach to the ceiling and there you go, your very own confetti bunting.

Update Your Bedroom with Confetti Digital Paper

It`s the little things that really make a difference when you`re decorating any room.  To match a bright colourful theme there are many things you can do.  Why not use your confetti digital paper to turn a plain white light switch into something a little funkier.   This is simply done by using a suitable adhesive to glue the paper to your light switch taking care at the corners to make it as neat as possible.  Afterwards varnish over the paper with some clear varnish to keep the design looking fresh.

This effect can be used on other items of furniture also.  It is called decoupage and can be used to refresh cabinets, chest of draws, coffee tables, ceiling fans....the list is endless and the end result looks wonderful.  Check out for the confetti digital paper style which will best suit what you had in mind.

You Could Customise Your Coasters Using Confetti Digital Paper

The winter season is upon us and there is a chill in the air, time to get warm indoors and put your feet up with a hot drink after a hard day`s work.  Do you have some lack lustre old boring coasters that you put your cuppa down on?  Why not make your own special customised confetti coasters with your confetti digital paper which you can find if you go to  Simply use some adhesive to glue your chosen confetti digital paper to the coaster.  When you are happy with it some clear varnish painted over it will act as protection barrier for longevity.

More Ideas on How to Use Your Confetti Digital Paper

At Christmas time we exchange lots of gifts, which means a lot of wrapping.  Why not make your gifts a little special this year with your own confetti wrapping paper.  Or there are many other things you can do with your confetti digital paper, how about making some stylish Christmas card envelopes.  Whatever you choose to do with it hopefully I have given you a few ideas on where to begin, enjoy!


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