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Create Something Wonderful With Your Gingham Scrapbook Paper

Create Something Wonderful With Your Gingham Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

The name gingham comes from the Malaysian word genggang meaning striped.  This is because when it was originally imported into Europe in the 17th century it was a striped fabric, today gingham is distinguished by its checked pattern. 

This began in the 18th century when made in the mills of Manchester it started to be woven in checked patterns of often blue and white.  In fashion gingham shirts have been worn by mods or wearers of modern fashion since the 1960`s.  In art and design gingham is also widely used, here I will show you how to customise your own things using gingham scrapbook paper.


You Could Customise Your Coasters Using Gingham Scrapbook Paper

It`s that time of year winter is here, time to get cosy indoors and put your feet up with a hot drink after a hard day`s work.  Do you have some plain old boring coasters that you put your cuppa down on?  Why not make your own special customised gingham coasters with your gingham scrapbook paper which you can find if you go to  Simply use some adhesive to glue your chosen gingham scrapbook paper to the coaster.  When you are happy with it some clear varnish painted over it will act as protection barrier for longevity.

Refresh Some Old Furniture with Your Gingham Scrapbook Paper

Is your bedroom or living room furniture looking a little old or tired? One of the easiest things to do with a stylish gingham effect in art and design is to decoupage furniture.  Using your gingham scrapbook paper which you can find at simply cover the piece of furniture you choose in the design of your choice. 

There are loads of styles of furniture from an old cabinet you want to spruce up, or it could be something simple like a candle in a jar.  Glue the paper to the furniture using a suitable adhesive and then varnish with clear varnish for a long lasting effect. 

Designing Picture Frames with Your Gingham scrapbook Paper

Christmas is a happy time of year, a time when we get together with our families and enjoy all things festive.  I don`t know about you but I use this opportunity to get snap happy and take lots of lovely family photos to remember the special get togethers and so I buy lots of frames for the photos to go in.  You can buy a basic picture frame from many different stores. However this Christmas how about making your own with the help of your stylish gingham scrapbook paper. 

Simply choose your design of gingham scrapbook paper by going to  Then using the appropriate adhesive glue your paper around the frame taking care to make it nice and neat around the edges and that all your checks are facing the right way.  Lastly you can add your family pictures and send to your loved ones this Christmas.

Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas so why not make a start, have fun!

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