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What to do with your Rainbow Scrapbook Paper

What to do with your Rainbow Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

A rainbow appears to us as a circle of colours in an arc centred on a line to the sun.  In a primary rainbow the arc shows red on the outer part and violet on the inner side.  We are taught this description of a rainbow from when we are little as children love drawing rainbows in their pictures to show a happy sunny day. 

A rhyme I remember to help with the colour orders of a rainbow is Richard of York gave battle in vain and so the colours go red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  However a rainbow can be depicted in any random order of colours with the recognisable arc shape.  Here I will show you how you can use your beautiful rainbow scrapbook paper, go to to find your chosen design.


You Could Upcycle Some Furniture with Rainbow Scrapbook Paper

One of the easiest things to do with a fabulous unique effect in arts and crafts is to decoupage furniture.  There are loads of styles of furniture from an old cabinet you want to spruce up to a coffee table.  Use your rainbow scrapbook paper found on to help you make some stylish refreshed items. 

It`s as simple as covering your chosen furniture for example a coffee table in your rainbow scrapbook paper with the use of a suitable adhesive.  Next leave it to dry for about half an hour and then paint with a clear varnish for a long lasting top coat.  When this is dried your new improved furniture is done.

You Could Make Customised Coasters Using Rainbow Scrapbook Paper

The winter months are upon us, time to get cosy indoors and put your feet up with a hot drink after a hard day`s work.  However you don`t want to spoil your newly upcycled furniture by leaving a tea stain.  So why not make your own retro customised rainbow coasters to go with your new style coffee table.  Simply use some adhesive to glue your chosen rainbow scrapbook paper to the coaster.  When you are happy with it some clear varnish painted over it will act as protection for longevity.

You Could Make Some Bunting Using Rainbow Scrapbook Paper

Bunting looks bright and cheerful in any room, especially when it`s made with rainbow scrapbook paper, the more flamboyant the better. Just follow these straightforward steps on what to do.

You will need

  1. Rainbow scrapbook Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Adhesive
  4. String
  5. Cardboard
  6. Hanging hooks

Simply cut your cardboard into triangles of any size you choose.  Next cover and glue your rainbow scrapbook paper to the triangles creating a fabulous cheerful effect.  When the glue is dry prick holes in the corner of each triangle and then use your string to thread through each hole.  Lastly attach to the hanging hooks and hang.  Hopefully this will have brought the bit of sunshine you were looking for.

With just a few creative ideas of how to use your rainbow scrapbook paper I`m sure you are itching to start and bring some warmth to your room on a cold gloomy day.

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