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How to get Creative with Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

How to get Creative with Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Tie Dye is a modern term which was invented in America in the mid-1960`s.  The process of tie dye consists of pleating, twisting, folding or crumpling fabric.  You then bind with string or rubber bands to make the pattern in the middle before adding the dye. 

Tie dye is characterised by the use of bright, saturated primary colours and bold patterns.  If you are looking to make a flamboyant, retro, stylish statement this is the design for you.  With the help of some arts and crafts equipment such as tie dye scrapbook paper which you will find on you can turn a dull boring space into something much more becoming on the eye.


Create Some Wall Art Using Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

I think this example of tie dye is gorgeous and would make a fabulous Wall Art canvas.

To make a piece of wall art using a similar design firstly find your design of tie dye scrapbook paper.  Have a look at digital  Next find your canvas from any arts and crafts store.  They come in a variety of sizes.  Simply use a suitable adhesive to glue the tie dye scrapbook paper to your canvases and hang in an eclectic manner.

Making Customised Name Blocks for Your Childs Nursery with Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Tie dye scrapbook paper
  2. Wooden letters cut into your child`s initials
  3. Adhesive
  4. Clear varnish

Take your first letter and using the appropriate adhesive glue the tie dye scrapbook paper to it, making it as neat as possible around the edges.  Do this for each of your letters and let them dry.  When each of the letters is dried, paint over with your clear varnish for a long lasting effect.  And that`s it, a wonderful set of name tags that will look fabulous in your child’s room.

How to Make Paper Ephemera Feathers with Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Tie dye scrapbook paper
  2. Floral wire
  3. Adhesive

Firstly make a sandwich with two pieces of tie dye scrapbook paper.  Next line one of the sheets of paper with dry adhesive up the middle.  Then take your piece of floral wire and glue the paper and floral wire together.  After this cut into a feather shape and create the feather effect by making cuts along your paper stopping before you hit the wire in the middle.  Do this up either side of your feather.  Lastly take a piece of paper and glue at the end of your feather thus hiding the wire.  Make as many as you want of these decorative feathers as they look great in any room.

Wrap your gifts with Tie Dye Scrapbook Paper

Why not customise any gifts you wrap this year with your own unique gift wrap.  I always think that gifts with that personal touch are a little more thoughtful and special, so using your tie dye scrapbook paper for gift wrap would definitely make a statement.

I hope these ideas have got you impatient to begin your arts and crafts session today.  Have fun!

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