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How to Make a Scroll Scrapbook Paper Photo Frame

How to Make a Scroll Scrapbook Paper Photo Frame

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you’re looking to create something a bit unique for the house or to give as a gift, then you will love this idea… making a photo frame out of scroll scrapbook paper. We will walk you through which scrapbook papers to choose, what you will need to make the frame and how to make it.


What Scroll Scrapbook Paper to Choose

You are best choosing a collection of scroll scrapbook paper so you know that the papers will match nicely with each other as you are going to be using four different papers for this project. Here are some scrapbook paper collections we suggest to make your frame.

Abstract Art Scroll Scrapbook Paper

If you want to create a really fun photo frame then this is the ideal collection of papers to do it with. There are 12 scrapbook papers all of which have different patterns including chevrons, bubbles, flowers and polka dots. You will have a lot of fun with this collection.

Acorn Forest Scroll Scrapbook Paper

If you want to go for something really cute then we recommend this paper collection. It would look great if you have a photo of your children playing in the autumn leaves. There are 12 papers in the collection including a cute acorn pattern, a striped pattern and polka dots.

Magenta & Pink Scroll Scrapbook Paper

We don’t know any crafter who doesn’t love pink and we believe this paper collection, which is dedicated to the colour pink, will look great for a girly photo frame. There are pink polka dots, pink stripes, pink hearts and plain pink papers in this collection.

Aged Maps Scroll Scrapbook Paper

This is an amazing collection of papers which is why it is no surprise that it is one of our bestsellers. This will look great if you want to go for a vintage or shabby chic style photo frame. You will find 12 aged map papers in this collection, all of which would be perfect for this project.

All of these scroll scrapbook paper collections can be bought on the website.

What You Need to Make the Scroll Scrapbook Paper Frame

Before you get started on your scroll scrapbook paper photo frame, you will need to make sure you have the following things first otherwise you won’t get very far. You can get most of these items for a good price at your local home depot store or on our website.

  1. Scroll Scrapbook Paper – Choose which paper collection you wish to download before you get started.
  2. Card – You will need this for the backing of the photo frame. You may already have some lying around the house.
  3. Photo – It is a photo frame so you are going to need a photo to go inside it. Choose one that goes with the theme of the frame.
  4. Wood Pieces – You will need triangular wood pieces to help the photo frame stand up if you don’t want to hang it on the wall.
  5. Glue Gun – You will glue all those pieces together otherwise you won’t have a photo frame for very long.
  6. Flower – This is an optional extra and can be added to the photo frame as a nice finishing touch.

How to Make the Scroll Scrapbook Paper Frame

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started on making your scroll scrapbook paper photo frame.

  1. First of all, cut out the shape and size you want the photo frame to be from the card. If this is brown cardboard then we suggest painting it white, especially if you will be standing the photo frame up.
  2. With a pencil, draw a square or rectangle where you want your photo to go. You can use the photo to draw around for this.
  3. Download and print your four chosen scroll scrapbook papers. Once they are printed cut them all into equal strips horizontally.
  4. Use a pen, a straw or anything that’s round in shape to roll your strips of scrapbook paper around so they become a scroll. Secure the scroll scrapbook paper with either glue or cello tape.
  5. Once you have rolled up all the strips of paper, glue one scroll from each paper design together so you have a block of four paper scrolls. Keep doing this with the rest of the scrolls.
  6. Glue down these blocks of scroll scrapbook paper onto the photo frame until the entire frame is covered and then add the photo.
  7. Once everything is dry, glue the wood pieces to the bottom of the back of the photo frame so it will stand up.
  8. You now have your beautiful scroll scrapbook paper photo frame.

Other Ideas for Scroll Scrapbook Paper

You can do other things with scroll scrapbook paper such as making Christmas tree cards, gift tags and invitations.

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