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What You Can Make With Red Glitter Paper

What You Can Make With Red Glitter Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Everyone loves a bit of glitter, especially in red. When you think of red glitter, one of the first things that springs to mind are the rich ruby red slippers Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz. Lucky for you, we have some of that rich ruby red glitter fabulousness in the form of glitter paper. You will be able to create the most amazing craft projects with red glitter paper; really making them sparkle and stand out. We’ve compiled some project ideas you can create as well as the top recommended red glitter paper to use.


Which Red Glitter Paper to Choose

There are a wide variety of red glitter paper collections to choose from but for these projects we are going to recommend the Glamourous Strawberry Glitter Collection. There are different colours to choose from in the collection including that rich ruby red mentioned earlier, the darkest black glitter and a couple of pink glitter shades as well as others. You will be able to create some truly rich projects with this collection of glitter papers which you can buy on the website.

Make Christmas Tags Using Red Glitter Paper

The colour red is a big part of Christmas, with Santa wearing mostly red, so it is the most popular choice of colour when creating Christmas tags. Having a red glitter paper gift tag however will really make your Christmas tags stand out. Download a traditional white clipart label and open it on Photoshop. Next, download your red glitter paper and open it too. Use the marquee tool to select a square of the glitter paper and define the pattern. Next, open the text tool box and add your wording, such as “Merry Christmas” to the clipart label tag. Select the layer of the wording and edit the pattern by selecting the saved red glitter. You should now have a beautiful white Christmas tag with red glitter writing. All you need to do now is print, add a punch hole and tie a red ribbon or twine through it.

Make Christmas Cards Using Red Glitter Paper

You can add 3D red glitter baubles to your Christmas cards by choosing a clipart image and glitter paper and using Photoshop to add the red glitter to the bauble. Once you have done this, print out the baubles on card and use a small piece of craft sponge to glue the baubles onto your Christmas cards. To finish the look, add gold or silver glitter twine to the top of the baubles and tie into bows.

Make Garlands Using Red Glitter Paper

These will look great at a wedding or birthday party. Use the red glitter paper to create small circles and print them in batches on paper. Use a solid colour such as gold or white and create more small circles (the same size) and print them in batches on paper. Get a lengthy bit of string and glue a red glitter circle to the end of the string (making sure to leave space to hand it up) leave a space the width of your hand and then glue the solid colour circle and so on and so forth.

Make Hen Party Decorations Using Red Glitter Paper

You can create a bunch of red glitter lips to add to end of your drinking straws to make for great photos. Download a lip clipart and open it on Photoshop, open your glitter paper and use the marquee tool to select and define the pattern. Editing the layer of the lip clipart, select the pattern the red glitter is saved as. Print a bunch of them on an A4 sized piece of paper or card and cut out. Punch a hole in the middle of each red glitter lip so as to put the drinking straw through.

We hope you like some of these ideas you can create with red glitter paper and will share with us your red glitter projects. You can tweet us @DigitalPaperShop or find us on Facebook.

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