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Cow Print Scrapbook Paper Ideas

Cow Print Scrapbook Paper Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

There are several ideas for using cow print scrapbook paper which you can download on the website. One idea for you to do is to use it as a background layout for a memory you may have, perhaps it was of a day out on a farm. The day I want to capture in my scrapbook is a day that I went fishing with my dad. There could be no other background paper that I would use to memorise that day other than cow print paper.


Why I Want to Use Cow Print Scrapbook Paper

Let me explain what happened. We'd set off for the countryside, we were going fishing in Cheshire, the river Dee. We had our flasks of tea and ham butties; there was my dad, my older brother and me. It took us about fifty minutes to get there and we couldn't wait to get out of the car. There is a lot of gear to carry when you go fishing, the rods, the baskets, the chairs and the food and drink.

We had to cross a field to reach the river, we set off across the level part of the field and then it sloped down to the river. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't wait to get our rods in the water. There must have been a heavy downfall of rain the night before because the bottom half of the field had a massive flood in it. The size of the flooded field looked like an Olympic sized swimming pool!

There were cows standing in and around the water and we had to walk amongst them to get to the river bank. They were right next us and they didn't run or move, their eyes were beautiful and it was a stunning experience to be that close to them. But the best experience was yet to come. We started fishing and it was slow going, a bite here, a bite there but we weren't catching many fish.


Anyway me and my brother got a bit bored and it was very hot. I still can't believe what my dad said next, he said “why don't you go for a swim in the flooded field”! Wow we didn't need asking twice, we shot off to the field, stripped down to our underwear and waded in. The cows were all around us and some of them were in the water with us.

The water was murky but warm and there were dead worms floating all over the surface! But even that didn't put us off. It was sheer bliss being there swimming, plus I think my dad wanted a bit of peace to catch some fish. The cows there in the field that day are a memory that will stay with me forever. We took some pictures of the cows and of us fishing and swimming and that's why only cow print scrapbook paper will do in my scrapbook for this project. This day happened years ago but it's still as clear in my mind as though it happened yesterday.

Using Cow Print Scrapbook Paper

So I've got my photographs from my wonderful day out and I want to stick them in my scrapbook. I am going to cut some nice shapes out of the paper and stick them down using glue. Then I'm going to put photographs glued on top of them, the edges of the cow print paper will be seen all around, I can't think of a better way to capture that day as doing this.

I will write a few lines underneath the photos explaining what happened. This memory will now be kept in my scrapbook for me to view and laugh at whenever I want to. It's also quite relaxing to sit and do something nice like scrapbooking; it's very satisfying and rewarding to see the results come together before your eyes. The memories that come flooding back are brilliant, a scrapbook is a very personal book, it has all of your favourite memories in it. It's like laying your soul down to bare, but it is this feeling that is so special. Why don't you do the same, get your old photographs out and enjoy a day scrapbooking.

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