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Native American Paper Themes

Native American Paper Themes

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There are a lot of themes to choose from when you opt for Native American paper, think of Native American civilisations and the word ‘Apache’ leaps into focus. There are numerous patterns and designs featuring the Native American nations. They were a very vibrant people, colourful headdresses, painted faces, tepees with patterned cloth. These are some of the themes used as patterns for Native American paper. Find the pattern and colour that you want at the website.


Native American Paper Teepees

Making a teepee is a brilliant idea for children. Let their imagination run wild, it all starts when choosing some Native American paper. There are many choices and children will enjoy picking the one that most appeals to them. Follow the steps below to make the teepee.

What you need to get started:

  1. Sheets of Native American paper.
  2. Length of string.
  3. Four fairly straight twigs, about ten inches long.
  4. Hand held hole puncher

How to Make the Native American Paper Teepees

  1. Find four fairly straight twigs, about ten inches long.
  2. Tie four of the ends together with string
  3. Form the twigs into a free standing structure
  4. Cut out a rectangular piece of Native American paper ( this will be the floor )
  5. Wrap the Native American paper around the twig structure securing it in place using glue
  6. Punch holes through the paper at the bottom of the teepee; thread the string through the holes to give the impression of stitching.
  7. Make a door by cutting a semi-circle out of the paper.

The American teepee is now made, make several more to create an Indian village; children will have fun playing with their own creations.

Native American Paper Appeal

The appeal of Native American paper is far and wide, who hasn't watched a classic western with the Cowboys on one side and the Indians on the other. Mention the word Apache and thoughts of the great open plains of America come to mind. Bison grazing, eagles soaring. Native American paper captures this and so much more. The striking colours on the paper are beautiful. The patterns are exquisite and there will be a choice for every individual to use for crafting ideas.

Native American Paper Craft Ideas

Covering a Notebook with Native American Paper

Take a plain notebook, it can be hard backed or soft backed. Lay the notebook on top of the chosen paper; draw a line all around leaving an inch overlap for the border. Remove the notebook from the paper and carefully cut along the lines you've just drawn. Lay the notebook back down onto the paper and centralise it so that it's even.

Fold the overlapping borders onto the front and back covers of the notebook, stick the borders onto the notebook using sticky tape or glue. The notebook has now got a unique and individual style that makes a personal statement. Every time the notebook is written in there will be a sense of pride in the design and thought that went into it.

Native American Paper Gift Tags

Take some thin card and cut into even rectangular cardboard shapes, the size chosen will depend on the present that the gift tag will go onto. Small presents will require smaller gift tags; larger presents would suit larger gift tags. Place the rectangular cardboard cut-out shapes onto the Native American paper of choice, “digitalpapershop” has a large selection of colours and patterns to choose from.

Draw straight lines around each rectangle. Remove from the paper and carefully cut out the rectangle shapes as neatly as possible. Stick the cut out rectangle pieces of Native American paper onto the matching rectangular pieces of card. Stick them on using sticky tape or glue. Use the special homemade gift tags on presents for family and friends.

Write an individual message on the back. Whatever the occasion choosing the wording to put on the gift tag is a very rewarding practice. Friends and family will be sure to find them enchanting. Knowing that the message is a very personal tribute to them will make the gift tag and present seem that extra bit special. They can be used for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and lots more.



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