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Building a Spring Background

Building a Spring Background

Posted by Olivia Sum on

                There are so many scrappers on the scene ready to provide ample advice on creating beautiful spring backgrounds for your scrapbook pages this season. When people view your pages, they will be in awe. They have creative ideas that you can draw from, and many even encourage you to use their various templates without having to pay a dime.

These generous people blog, talk, post and share information online in many different ways to encourage new scrappers as they find their legs in the sea of memory keeping. From pre-made templates to building your own, you can always find a way! Look below for our own tips on how you can improve your spring background!


Common Spring Backgrounds

Easter Egg Hunts

                Children and Easter eggs go together like peanut butter and jelly. You already know ahead of time you’ll be taking as many pictures as your camera (or phone) can hold! Of course, not all of them make the scrapbooks, but there will be a select, special few that capture the moments perfectly.

The question on your mind now is: how do I create a great spring background for these festivities? You can combine bold floral patterns with stripes to create a high energy background for the photos. Incorporate some paper flowers to create a beautiful work of art. If your pictures are more geared toward adorable pictures of your children, choose colors that go well with their clothes, or build a light border around the image.

                Some of the most well-known symbols of Easter are the baskets, chicks, rabbits, eggs, flowers and more. If you celebrate Easter as a religious occasion, you can find even more symbolism to incorporate, such as the cross or symbols that represent the death and rebirth.

Depending on your lifestyle, and the significance of the holiday, you may choose to create scrapbook pages revolving around your children as they celebrate the day with Easter egg hunting, enjoying their candies and spending time with the family. You can pair cheesy wording to create adorable sentiments like ‘Hope your Easter is EGGstra special!’ or ‘Hoppy Easter’. Just use bright, spring colors like pinks and greens and oranges.

                For a more adult, yet including a spring background, feel, you can create simple, sophisticated spring card. You can decorate a cardstock card with spring patterned papers, incorporate a paper flower and some colorful stamps. Don’t forget, you’ll need a glue stick or glue dots to ensure that everything sticks well enough! You can use buttons as you please, along with a high quality inking pen to create the inside message for a Happy Easter.


                You can create gorgeous, Jewish themed scrapbook pages using spring background pages. You can mix traditional colors and images with vibrant and funky lines for a fun page that aptly describes your Passover. You can create embellishments and cards that are suited to the Passover theme in a way that will jazz it up. If you prefer a more traditional atmosphere, you can pair darker colors with thick, block springtime backgrounds.

Choose colors that signify traditional Matzo bread, which is often eaten during the Passover holiday, along with browns and earthy wheat to even everything out. You can create a balanced, spring background for your Passover page using these suggestions.

                If you prefer to create Passover cards, you can create beautiful cards using cardstock. If you have friends who celebrate Jewish holidays, don’t forget about them! Instead, send them a thoughtful, homemade Passover card that is beautifully decorated to suite the occasion. They will appreciate it, and you’ll get to have fun making beautiful, inexpensive crafts for your loved ones!

Decorate Your Home for Spring with Spring Backgrounds

                Show off your holiday spirit! Decorate the door to your home with bunny and chick cut outs. If you want them to be bright or patterned, use a glue stick to glue down the patterned paper. Be sure to smooth it down to make sure that the paper doesn’t come out uneven. You can make signs that say ‘Hoppy Easter’ or directing the Easter Bunny a particular way. You can decorate your windows with grassy papers, or create cut outs of Easter eggs. Decorate the eggs, and stick them to your window just above the grassy scrapbook papers for a classic Easter look.

                Be creative! Don’t hold back! You can create adorable, special and interesting decorations, cards and scrapbook pages to suit any holiday or theme. Incorporate the right colors, and be ready for your friends, family and neighbors to be jealous of your skills.

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