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Autumn Paper: Fall Crafting Ideas

Autumn Paper: Fall Crafting Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

                As fall approaches, you may find yourself having trouble coming up with interesting scrapbook ideas that can incorporate autumn paper. Autumn, however, is the time for a lot of different and exciting activities!

Pumpkin picking, trick or treating, Halloween and so many other occasions are plentiful this time of year. Many people celebrate different things during the fall season. There are new parents enjoying their young one’s first fall, first trip to the apple orchard, first time trick or treating and first Halloween costume. Others are documenting different parties, their children’s festivities and many other occasions.


Autumn Paper Titles

                You can likely come up with a number of cute, interesting sayings to serve as titles for your autumn pages. Some good ones that I’ve found online include harvest delight, autumn splendor, cutest pumpkin in the patch, life is wonder fall, I pick you and trick or treat. There are many different ways you can dress up your autumn paper to create a seasonal themed background for your fall photos. The layouts are up to you, however I’ve got a few good ideas that you may love to see.

Great Autumn Paper Layouts

                You can find a wide range of adorable, awesome and cute scrapbook pages all over the place that can get your mind churning and coming up with new, creative ways to achieve similar looks. One way to determine how you can create a unique layout is to look through different fall cards and see what about each one is so attractive to you. Some people love the blocky look that geometric shapes can give to a page, especially when mixed with leaf embellishments and other Fall-themed symbols.

                What do you think of when you think of autumn? Leaves falling from the trees may come to mind, such as their slow, spiraling drop from far up. You may think of cool breezes, pumpkin patches and apples during these cooling months. There are a wide range of ways you can use these different symbols to create a unique, thrilling work of art that accurately sums up that particular day or event. Depending on the overall feeling you wish to convey, you can choose a variety of autumn papers that would fit perfectly with patterns, shapes and more.

                Use a fussy cutter to create a variety of designs for turkeys, leaves, pumpkins and other fall symbols. You can use these combined with autumn paper that features different patterns, such as leaves in varying sizes or small flowers. You can combine gorgeous autumn colors with brighter shades of orange, pink, green and purple for a deeper dimension for your Thanksgiving photographs.

Be sure to include a picture of everyone enjoying the meal! For a simple look, you can use a single, solid piece of autumn paper behind 4 photos evenly placed about the page. Incorporate two journaling pieces, a blocky “FALL” emblem and some cute, leafy embellishments to really bring the page together.

                Whether you prefer the intricate, detailed scrapbook pages or the more simple, yet eloquent pages, you can use autumn paper to meet all of your scrapbooking needs. The best colors for autumn paper seem to be dark or bright orange, depending on your photo contrast, along with earthy browns and greens. You can mix striped patterns with solid colors for a bold look that is well-suited to lighter photos.

Autumn Photo Ops

                Don’t miss any opportunities this fall to create amazing, detailed scrapbook pages about your eventual season! Bring your camera with you when you go choose your pumpkin, or enjoy those hayrides. Try to capture those amazing moments with your young ones, and have at least one awesome photo during the pumpkin carving. Planning a day out in the leaves? Bring your camera for it! You can take some amazing, impromptu photos as your kid or pets run through them and enjoy the season.

                Don’t be left out this season! Not only will you create lifelong memories through the art of papercrafting, but you can be sure that you won’t forget these eventful days in your loved ones lives. Scrapbooks are something that can be enjoyed throughout time, especially if you pass them down throughout the family for years to come.

You are building your family’s history into a number of amazing photographs, beautiful imagery and clever creation. Enjoy the time you spend with your family, and document it well to capture the wonderful memories that you create. Autumn paper is the perfect type of scrapbook paper for these fall months.

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